Webb Brothers Family Farm

Reliance was located along a mail route from Cog Hill to Sylco; and area mail was left with Sarah Reed Vaughn, the wife of Joseph D. Vaughn.  The old wooden bureau used to sort the mail is still in the Vaughn-Webb house.  Family history credits Sarah, the "keeper of the mail" in the community, with providing the name “Reliance.”

The Vaughns had seven children, including a daughter, Alice, who married Charles Webb.  Their sons, Oliver and Harold, founded Webb Brothers.

In around 1899 a community building was raised in Reliance through the joint efforts of the Hiwassee Union Church and the local Masonic Lodge. This was a two-story frame building with a full porch across the front. The upper floor was restricted to the use of the Masons with the church meeting on the first floor. During the week the church was also used as a school for local children.

In 1927 the church expanded by enclosing part of the front porch. This left a narrow entrance hall with small meeting rooms on either side for Sunday School classes. This building remains as a landmark in the Reliance Historic District.